The MESC Learning Commons comprises the Library and ICT Team who support both staff and students.  

Librarian - Mrs Lynn Swannell

ICT Manager - Mr Kevin Hunter

ICT Technician - Mr Sam Karagiannis

The Learning Commons is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm each day, including recess and lunchtime.  However it is closed at recess each Friday.


The library is a 'devices free' area at recess and lunchtimes but we do allow students to complete classwork when necessary and of course access our online ebooks and audiobooks.  We do encourage students to read a book or magazine, play board or card games, check out our resources and relax in this area.  Please DO NOT bring in food or drinks and assist by tidying up after yourself.


'Love Your Library' Orientation Sessions

Year 7 and 8 classes have had a lot of fun in the Library over the past 3 weeks with this library orientation activity which included 'Blind Date with a Book'.   At the end of the quiz they all selected a book from our displays which had been wrapped up. There were only 4 words as clues to help them choose.  They were encouraged to 'get to know' their book and will report back at their next session on how they 'got along'!!  Some were more excited than others to participate and a few were even lucky enough to have a 'double date' at our little restaurant.  


This has been a great activity to help students get to know our library and the resources we offer as well as getting them to read outside their usual choices, genres, authors, series - some have come back already wanting to read similar books.  There is also a small 'book review' to complete with each title and these will be displayed with the books for others to read.  




Classes are also gaining House points and class points for these activities with class winners announced at the end of term - one Year 7 class and one Year 8 class.

2020 Library Team

This year we have a team of 14 students helping out and they will be lead by Belle York (Year 11) as our Library Leader. Congratulations to all chosen applicants and I look forward to working with you all.

Library Team members: Belle York, Olivia Shillington, Aimee Hodgkiss, Lachlan Harrison, Maggie Martin, Alex Del Piano, Lizzie Abeling, Bella Aitken, Olivia Fitzgerald, Sadie Gill, Georgia Sharpe, Lucia Beckett, Catie Lange-Ward, Flynn O'Day.

Library Leader 2020

Belle York (Year 11)

Hi everyone!  Welcome back to school.


Although we are only a few weeks in, the library team has already completed a great deal. We have covered many books in brown paper for the 'Blind date with a book' activity which was enjoyed immensely by all the Middle Years (7-8) classes.


We also currently have two competitions going on in the library. The Middle Years have a jar full of lollies and have to guess how many are in there. The person who is closest to the actual amount or guesses the exact number wins the whole jar!

The Senior School also has a jar, but instead of lollies there are snippets from a novel.  Whoever guesses the title of the novel wins a box of chocolates.  Both competitions close on Friday 28th Feburary.   Good luck everyone!




We are also planning many displays which the Library Team will create  and showcase in the library. Come in and check out  all the  artwork and displays as we get them completed..


Myself and the new library team look forward to seeing you all in the library!

Thank you.


2019 Ripple Magazine

A number of students (Years 8-12) have not yet collected their copy of our '2019 Ripple' Magazine.  Please collect your copy from the Library, we can check if you are unsure about orders.  This is a great memento of your time at MESC and the cover design for last year was created by Megan Smith (Year 12).  We shall be opening our '2020 Ripple Cover Competition' in Term 2.


Overdue Library Books

Please remember to check the 'due dates' of all items borrowed and ensure that they are returned promptly.  General overdue reminders are sent via Compass news to all students and individual notices are also sent out via students' school email which should be checked regularly. 

ALL library books, including class set titles, borrowed in 2019 should be returned by 21st February in order to continue borrowing resources in 2020.  Items not returned and/or lost may incur a replacement fee.  If there are any concerns regarding late and/or lost items then please contact Mrs Swannell asap.