Year 7 camp was amazing.  As soon as we arrived at The Summit Camp, we started our activities. My personal favourite activity was the snowy river challenge which involved crossing a balance beam over murky water, climbing over a wall, walking on a wire rope over a creek which lead to a flying fox were you had to land on a small platform, and then finally - the wombat hole – which was a small tunnel you had to crawl through. It was really dark and muddy, but I gave it a go.

On the second day we got to use the giant swing – which had a great view of the whole place. We all went in pairs and I got to go with my friend James.  My favourite activity of the day was the mud run or monster run. We had to crawl under barbed wire and climb down mud holes and make mud angels, and at the end we got to swim in the lake which was surprisingly warm.

On the third and final day we got pancakes for breakfast – which was awesome. We also got to do an activity called the summit window. I had to climb up a tower with no harness and then at the top, the supervisor, Ash, clipped me into a harness and asked me whether I wanted to do the “stretch” or “super stretch”. I then had to climb around the edge and then up to my comfortable spot where we would either let go with one arm or two and then finally one leg so you could lean back and admire the beautiful view.

For two nights I slept in a huge tent with 19 other people. It got a bit crazy at times, but we managed to get enough sleep.  I also made heaps of new friends from lots of different primary schools

Jack Eadie

Before camp I felt excited as well as a little bit nervous. I had heard good things about the Summit but didn't realise how awesome it would be.  I enjoyed the giant swing and the monster challenge where we got to swim in mud.  The summit window was fun because we got to stand up on a pole on top of a very high tower.  The leap of faith was the best as we jumped so high off a platform and grabbed on to a bar above.  

The food was delicious and it was very exciting to stay in a cabin. Mostly I loved the way everyone worked together as a team with all the activities and everyone making new friends along the way.  I hope can go on camp every year. 

Eva Graham