Principal's Report

Simone Wood, Principal

Hello Everyone,


The Newham PS and Community Trivia night is this weekend. I hope everyone has their ticket for some interesting questions! Students from across our classes have provided some of the questions for your enjoyment. I hope you get the answers right!


In the newsletter this week, there is a repeat of the SWPBS information sent out to families via uEducateUs. This outlines for families the SWPBS processes undertaken at Newham Primary School and how you can support the process at home.


Could parents please support the school in ensuring lollies and various types of gum do not come to school.  Recently, there has been an increase in the number of students handing out lollies/gum to their peer group. Not only does this cause division and upset between students, but this is also not suitable everyday food, and it is best left for after school and weekends.


Of course, it is still quite okay for students to celebrate their birthday by bringing a packet of something to hand out. This is done with school approval and under the supervision of the classroom teacher.


Could parents with students who are intending to leave Newham Primary School at the end of the year and who are yet to do so, please inform the office so that classes can be confirmed for 2023.


Assembly Information

At assembly on Friday 18th November there will be a keyboard demonstration by some of our students accompanied by Alice their teacher who will give a little information about keyboard here at school.

On Friday 2nd of December, it will be the turn of our guitar students and their teacher Aaron. If you are interested in your child learning one of these instruments in 2023, please come along and see the demonstrations.


Inundation Resolution

This week we have been able to get classes back into the main building! YAY!!

Prep and 1/2 are back in their rooms!!!  DET have been and cleaned the carpet, removing the dryers and water barrels etc. and now we are awaiting the replacement of the carpet that is missing. It is expected that this will happen next week. A huge thank you to the parents who came and removed the sandbags for us. As we moved some of the sandbags there were a couple of little frogs. Here’s hoping that they made their way up to the frog bog.


Activities Ahead


Casual Clothes Day/Remembrance Day

Tomorrow, Friday 11th November we will hold a remembrance ceremony (outside -weather permitting). In support of our local RSL we will also be holding a casual clothes day on this day. Students may wear casual clothes adding a little bit of red to represent poppies. (A change from wearing our red uniform). This will be a gold coin donation event with money raised going to the RSL.


There are some more wonderful things coming up in this term and we are going to need parent help. 


Year 6 Graduation and Farewell Friday 16th December

It is getting very close to the end of the year and time to say goodbye to our year sixes. The general store is going to be doing a lovely afternoon tea for the send-off and there will be some special personalised cakes for tea-time as well. We do need a lot of parent support to get busy with the setting up and decorating for the farewell ceremony out the main gate and for the evening here at school. If the year 6 parents or any other parents would like to help with the decorations, please see Jacqueline and Rai as soon as possible.


Christmas Windows

This year all the classes are going to make their own Christmas windows as a gift to our community. Think Myer windows but perhaps without the moving parts.

Each class is going to come up with a theme and then decorate their allocated window in the main building. We will need parent helpers! 

From next Monday could parents who are interested in helping please contact their classroom teachers. We will have 3 weeks to design and make the decorations.

 On Monday 5th December each class will set up their window display. Then for the last 2 weeks of school, families will be able to visit after school and in the evening to see the windows. We will take down the decorations on the last day of school.


Kitchen Garden

We have 3 sessions of Kitchen garden coming up, 456A on the 15th Nov and 456B on the 22nd Nov. The last session will be all our 456 students making an afternoon tea for the rest of the school on 29th Nov. If there are parents interested in helping out at one of these sessions, could they please see their classroom teacher.


Prep Transition Day Friday 18th November

The next Prep transition day will be Friday 18th November. It will be the same as the session already held BUT this time, we will be able to have in in the Prep room now that we are back in the main building. Please refer to the information sent out to families via uEducateUs for details.


Bake-Sale by 456 24th November

456 have placed a flyer in this newsletter outlining a student-led bake-sale initiative. We would love for families to support the students in their fundraising efforts by coming along to purchase something at the end of the day. Our students have plans for next year to use the equipment they buy as a focus for student and community social events throughout the year.


3-6  ACMI Adventure 30th November

Once again, we are able to make use of DET’s positive school start program to provide an excursion experience for our senior students to Melbourne via train. With an earlier than usual start and a later return, this will be a long and exciting day. Could families please ensure they are up to date with the permissions required.


And Preparing for Next Year...

We are very excited to be able to announce that for next year, plans are in progress to hold a 'Year 6 Forum' with other local schools. This will be a fantastic addition to our leadership and student social events and allow our students to mix with their peers in a collaborative way. Watch this space for more information as the plans take shape. 



Have a lovely weekend!