Welcome to CDFpay for Killester College

We understand there are many times when you may need to provide cash to your child to pay for once-off school expenses like a replacement padlock or a MacBook Insurance excess payment. But cash isn’t the only option in today’s world; which is why we want to make it convenient for you to make payments.


CDF Pay at Killester is a cash-free solution for our canteen & other school expenses. This solution is an online payment platform offered by the Catholic Development Fund Melbourne (CDF).


We encourage all parents to use this simple, cash-free platform. Please be assured that we will not turn away parents/students who choose to pay via cash, however, to ensure the success and drive the full benefits of this program we encourage your participation. 


A list of School expenses that can be used 4 are:

  • Canteen Orders
  • MacBook Insurance and Residual payments
  • Replacement MacBook Carry Cases and Chargers. (Please note that MacBook Leases are NOT available on CDF Pay)
  • Replacement Locker Keys, Padlocks, Student Cards, and Student Diary
  • School Bus Fees 
  • Payments for the Top-End Tour

A Parent Guide (attached below) explains how to add an icon to your mobile phone, place a canteen order or make a payment. If you have any questions, please call us at 9547 5000 or email us.




If your family has a new Health Care Card or you are new to the school please bring the card to the Finance office or send a copy of the card to so we can claim the CSEFallowance of $225 per student for you. If you received the allowance last year and nothing has changed, our application on your behalf will be automatic. You do not need to do anything.



The Laptop Lease fees were raised in December 2022 and were due for payment in January 2023. This cannot be included in any payment plan. Please pay immediately if you have not done so already.



School fees are due on February 28, 2023, unless you have established a payment plan. If you have a plan from last year, it will automatically carry over to this year. If you wish to have an installment plan but have not submitted the Method of Payment Form as yet, please do so now. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need assistance please make an appointment to meet with Ms. Sandra Rotunno, the Business Manager before the due date of February 28.