Focus on Learning 

Mrs Wendy Rheinberger - Religious Education Coordinator



At St Joseph's School, Quirindi, prayer can take on many forms.  Prayer can provide an opportunity for students, staff and families to celebrate their life and identity as members of a community. Prayer helps create a sense of purpose and identity and draws the school community into an understanding of our shared humanity, link us with the Church throughout the world,  and invites us to share the Good News. 


Everyday, students begin their day by offering a prayer to 'set themselves up' for learning. They learn traditional prayers such as Our Father (The Lord's Prayer), Hail Mary,  and Glory Be, but are encouraged to develop their own, which are said as part of the day to day routine. 


We attend Mass on a regular basis and students are learning what it means to be reverent and respectful, not only during this special prayer time in St Brigid's Church, but at all times.



Staff take time every week (usually a Monday morning and Tuesday Staff Meeting afternoon) to pause and reflect.  This time is an opportunity to share something they may be drawn to at that particular time - perhaps a connection to a world, national or local challenge we might be seeing and hearing about in the media.



Each classroom has a dedicated prayer space that is dynamic in nature - changing with the prayer focus and Liturgical Seasons of the Church Year.  



Ask your child/ren about the colours of the Liturgical Year!