Faculty Update - PDHPE


Early this term, all Year 7 classes visited the Freestyle Bouldering Gym in Tamworth. Under the guidance of Chris Eather, students learned techniques and safety elements involved with strategic climbs. Year 7 are studying a practical unit focusing on ‘Fundamental Movement Skills’. The wall demanded lots of attention to movement, coordination and strength (photo above).


PT Sessions

Year 9/10 PASS are focusing on career opportunities within the health, sport and recreation industries. As part of this course, CT Performance and Fitness have delivered targeted training sessions to students. These sessions include high intensity body weight exercises, boxing and other disciplines mixed through 40 minute routines. Students have participated wholeheartedly and enjoyed the energetic direction of Cooper Thompson and former McCarthy student Hunter Thompson.



This term Year 9 are collaborating in groups on ‘Dance Compositions’ as part of their practical unit. In a challenging course focusing on movement, use of space, creativity and resilience, students have demonstrated excellent character while working towards the end product to be performed before their peers.


Mr  Ryan Saban - Teacher