Principal's Report 

Hello everyone,


Thanks for your ongoing work and support as we head into the second half of Term 2. 

Staff are now working on increasing the coherence of classroom practice. We do this by using an instructional framework that details elements of an effective lesson. We teach students what an effective lesson looks like and reinforce that they deserve five of these each day. We ensure that learning is worthwhile and meaningful (tied to an important curriculum outcome, worthwhile content, meets students’ needs) and that students experience academic stretch - learning and work that is both challenging and achievable.

Here is what teachers do in an effective lesson:

  • Justify important content.
  • Develop and share a learning target.
  • Flag a performance of understanding.
  • Share and explain success criteria.
  • Initiate guided practice.
  • Initiate a performance of understanding.
  • Give explicit feedback.
  • Promote self and peer assessment.
  • Promote self reflection, effective questioning and planning for next steps in learning.

Here is a framework for a worthwhile lesson:


Students are explicitly taught these parts of a lesson and a language of learning that allows them contribute to conversations about the effectiveness of their lessons. A student-friendly graphic makes clear what they should expect and experience.


It is very difficult to ensure meaningful learning and worthwhile lessons if teacher talk is ‘managing’ talk rather than ‘learning’ talk. It is also difficult when students don’t bring the necessary tools for learning. Thank you for your continued support for the replacement of unproductive behaviours and the bringing of the tools of the trade for learning. Please expect a greater focus now on meaningful learning and sustained student work. This is an important and necessary step in building and maintaining a productive and collaborative learning culture.


All the best,

Mr Rod Whelan - Principal