Environmental Council 

During Term 1 and 2, the Environmental Council has been heavily involved in many activities. The recycling team has quickly gotten to work, putting recycling bins in classrooms and collecting them, using that paper for shredding which we have then used for potting mix, as well as creating pathways for the Regeneration Project. The Regeneration Project has exponentially improved since last year with many of the weeds that have been pulled out to reduce invasive species and the creation of paths used to encourage regeneration of healthy grass and safe walking ways into the site. 


The Environmental Council would like to thank Mr Wade Leu for his ongoing support toward the council, taking the time to help us out. Congratulations too, to Jake Larkham for stepping up and taking charge of the recycling team, which has earned him the position of Vice President of the Environmental Council.


The Environmental Council has many big plans to help our world be a better environment, not only for us, but for wildlife as well. Over the next couple of months we have plans to create frog hotels. Frog hotels are a great way to encourage more frogs to visit our school grounds and keep them safe from potential threats. Frogs offer a variety of benefits to the ecosystem as they aid in insect control, a good indicator of the health of micro-systems and have a central role to the health of our environment. We are currently in the beginning stages of planning out designs for the hotels and where they should be placed. Along with this we are still continuing with the Regeneration Project, allowing the grounds to further flourish with the help of the Council. 


Protecting and helping our environment is vital for the betterment of our environment. By contributing you can ensure a better lifestyle for ourselves and our wildlife. Come and join the Environmental Council to help the sustainability of our world.


Georgina Yip - Environmental Council Communications Officer