Year 2



In Reading this term, students were learning how good readers ask questions before, during and after reading to help them make meaning from a text. In class discussions and in independent reading students used their prior knowledge and text clues to create relevant questions and then locate answers to these questions in the text or from an outside source.  They were able to verbalise and write any questions they had about the text which allowed them to strengthen their understanding of the text.

The students have also applied other comprehension strategies such as determining importance, summarising and making connections with the range of texts we read. They have used questioning to clarify unfamiliar language and expand their vocabulary, including subject-specific/technical words. Grade 2 students have also learnt to use the structure and features of the texts they read to identify the text type, in order to understand the purpose of the author and to help navigate the text.




Great work Grade 2’s! Everyone was engaged and they had joy researching a wide range of animals and insects. They now have an understanding of the structure and the different types of information reports. They can confidently plan, create and publish several information reports as a class and independently on paper and digitally. These information reports are now a part of each classroom library. 


Well Done Grade 2’s! Everyone explored the structure of procedural texts and the purpose which tells the reader how to do or make something. They thought of ideas in their Writer’s Notebook about topics that they would like to write about. They now have an understanding of what needs to be included in their procedural texts such as a title, aim, equipment, method and conclusion. They were enthusiastic learners and they had lots of fun!



This term in Mathematics, the Grade 2 students learnt about Australian money where they counted and ordered Australian coins and notes according to their value. They also counted the collections of coins to make particular values, such as two 50c coins total a dollar. 



Students also learnt to use informal units to estimate, measure and compare the length of different objects, whilst using the golden rules of measurement e.g. no gaps while measuring. 


Our major number unit for the term was Addition and Subtraction. Students explored and learnt a range of strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction problems. Some of the strategies included counting down to/up from for subtraction, tens facts, turn around facts, doubles, adding ten and fact families. 


Grade 2 students also explored different 2D shapes and their transformations, including how the shape transforms when flipped, turned or when it slides. 

Along with this, all the students continued to work on their counting goals, practising with their ‘maths mate’, using materials. 





Throughout Term 2, the Grade 1 students have been developing their understanding of water as one of Earth’s natural resources.


The Grade 2s have been practicing their observation and recording skills whilst learning about the effects of water on different surfaces around the school. 


They have explored the many water sources within the school environment and have identified the varied reasons our school uses water. 


The Grade 2s have been learning about the journey that water goes through from a source, such as rivers and reservoirs, to its point of use - the tap. One of the main focuses this term has been for students to understand that water is one of Earth’s resource and that it needs to be used responsibly.




LOTE - Chinese

Congratulations on Grade 2 by finishing your term 2 Chinese learning. In this term, we started with reviewing what we have learnt in term 1. Then we learned how to pronounce different family members in Chinese, including both nuclear family members and extended family members. Meanwhile, we learnt how to introduce family members by using their own photos or by their drawings. Another thing we learnt in family member topics is how to say ‘I love you xxxx (e.g. dad, mum)’ in Chinese. After these, we learnt how to pronounce different 2D shapes in Chinese, such as oval, square, rhombus and so on. Here are the photos about the activities we did during our learning time. 



The Year 2s have had an excellent second term of learning in Art, exploring and deepening their knowledge of colour and line. We began with activities that challenged us to create outside our usual comfort zones. For example, timed drawing and drawing with our non-favourite hand. We then observed various representations of hands in art, from World Heritage Site Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands) in Argentina, to contemporary photography and video works by Spinifex Arts Project in Tjuntjuntjara. Sufficiently inspired, we drew our own hands, forming clay sculptures from our sketches. Following this, the students examined the thoughtful illustrations of Asian-American artist Chanel Miller. They then worked in groups to create layered panel artworks featuring imaginary characters and scenes. 


The Year 2s have had some wonderful discussions, analysing and comparing qualities in artworks, as well as developing their ideas about what art is, and why we make it. The Year 2s have also begun a self-portraiture project which they will complete next term. This term will finish up with students viewing the digital paintings of David Hockney and utilising art application Brushes Redux to emulate his process and techniques. The students’ ongoing enthusiasm, motivation, curiosity and focus have been exceptional, and I cannot wait to return to the art room next semester!




This term the grade 2 students focused on the sport of basketball to continue to develop their fundamental motor skills which included the following throwing, catching, bouncing a ball, and shooting a ball. Students during this term began to learn correct technique for passing a ball which included a chest pass and bounce pass and incorporated bouncing a ball with eyes and heads up too. Grade 2 students were also introduced to shooting a layup shot on a full-sized hoop. At the end of this unit on basketball students in grade 2 can now bounce, throw, catch, and shoot a basketball and are now on the path to developing skills to be able to play the sport of basketball. During the second half of the term students have been working on the fundamental skill of running as it applies to athletics. Students have developed correct running form and have been introduced to a relay running format that you would see in an athletics event. Students during this time are also experienced hurdles running and being able to jump over an object. This was a great term for grade 2 students, we had heaps of fun and completed a lot of learning. I can’t wait for the second half of the year to continue our learning in Physical Education. Congratulations grade 2!