Principal's News

Thank You for Another Great Year!

I’d like to thank the school community (staff, students and parents) for their support throughout the year. Malvern Primary School has had anexciting and successful 2019.

The end of school is a perfect time to reflect on our achievements throughout the year and to show gratitude for the work and support of the community.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff who have shown a willingness to challenge their practice and demonstrate the qualities of successful learners.  They have provided our students with great role modelling, deep commitment and wonderful enthusiasm.

We are also fortunate to have a very committed parent community who have again volunteered countless hours to the school as they support our continuous improvement. 

Our parents support the school in a variety of ways including:

- on School Council,

- as members of the School Council Committees,

- as members of the Parents’ Association,

- as organisers of school events,

- helping Lost Property find their owners,

- supporting student banking,

- as Class Coordinators,

- attending working bees,

- as additional adults on excursions and camps,

- as classroom helpers and

- as hosts for our Sister School visitors, etc.

Another incredibly important support parents provide is the support of their children as they explore, learn, challenge and take risks.  Your support in preparing your child for school, of their ongoing learning and helping them manage their social and emotional experiences is huge – thank you.  We know that the more resilient and engaged and  the less anxious the child is, the easier it is for them to learn and develop to their full potential.

Year 6 Farewell

To our Year 6 students, we wish you all the very best next year in secondary school. We have a number of Year 6 families leaving our school, they are:  Todd, Bayes, Beaumont, Broadbear, Clarke, Caminha, Jorgecaminha, Carter, Cave, Collingwood, Lau, Das, Duff, Bevaart, Dumbrell, Exton, Harkin, Forsyth, Gournas, Guddanti, Guthrie, Hamilton, Rong, Han, Hetherington, Jakobovitis, Asha, Joseph, Pereira, Kelly, Young, Kim, Konstantas, Lannu, Lam, Lee, Levin, Koklas-Liarakos, Liarakos, Hogan, Longley, McCorkell, McDiarmid, McLean, Field, Lazar, Nankervis, Nicolaou, Dalton, Nonis, Officer,Poynton, O’Hara, Pendlebury, Langdon, Sibly, Hood, Smith, Talbot, Gibson, Tran, Liosis, Vlahos, Vudadinovic, Watkins, Watson, Weber, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Wyer, Yang, Wang, Yuan, Power & Zolotavkina.

To all of these families; I wish you good luck in the future and remind the students not to be strangers.

On behalf of the staff I’d like to wish all our families a very happy and safe holiday and New Year!

Robyn James