Around the Classrooms

Grade 2

This week the Grade 2 class have been enjoying their learning pack involving a range of themes. On Tuesday, the theme was based on the book ‘Who Sank the Boat?’. The students had a choice of either dressing up for our morning Meet or alternatively they could bring a fury friend. 

In the afternoon students were required to create a boat using materials they could find around the house. The students were also asked to test the boat to see if it would float in water, and if any toys would fit inside without it sinking!

Well done Alex on your creative and very durable boat with 22 toys inside!



Mrs Kimmorley's Grade 5/6 Remote Writing

The Grade 5/6s have been working on poetry this week. Please enjoy some examples of Animal Alliteration and Colour Poems.



Ellie the extraordinary elephant excitedly eats eggplants and eggs. 

Ellie eats eleven eggs each day for breakfast. Elyse

Hecta the Horse had a hectic holiday helping Hilda the Hippo at her house in Havana.

Hectas' hooves heavily hit Henny hens head but Henny’s helmet hindered the harmful hurt. Delilah

Edna the emu edged enthusiastically into the entry of eight elephant exhibits. Emily



Gary Goldfish guzzled 100 gallons of garden grubs. Gizmo Gecko holds a grudge on Gary because he didn’t give her any. Gary gives Gizmo a ‘Get Well Soon!’ card because there weren't any “Get Rid Of That Grudge’ cards. Gary was greatly sorry so Gizmo forgave him.  Erin



Hallie Husky hates eating herring but Harry Hippo likes too. 

Hallie and Harry had lunch on Holly’s head and Harry Hippo brought herring.

“How horrible!” hackled Hallie husky. Harry tried a piece. 

“Heck! How right you are!” he hooted.

From that day on Hallie and Harry hated herring. Erin



Terry the tiger tumbles and trips trying to dance tiredly. Luke



Byron the bat went bonkers in the bathroom because a bee was buzzing around his body. Marlie



Penny picked pickles playing ping pong. Nyla



 Rooster is rowdy

 Running ragged

 Roaring regularly

 Reclaiming his ranch. Seb



 The tiger looked tough to show the toucan he was not tiny. Tyler



Dirty dogs danced for dinner as they dabbled in the dirty water. Tyson W


Tilly the turtle, twisted and swirled in the twinkling twilight of the ocean. Ethan


Miss Maskell's Grade

Grade 5/6 Learning


Students have been looking at elements of poetry and their structure. 

This week, students have completed activities of identify similes, metaphors and personifications within poetry. Students also completed a Sensory Poem with similes. 

Here are some examples of students' work. 


Eve Cook

Toddlers are destructive.

They sound like a rock concert going all night.

It tastes like mushed up baby food that has been thrown on the ground numerous times.

It smells like the weird combination of crayons and playdough lingering in the air.

It looks like a wrecking ball has just passed through the household. 

Toddlers are catastrophic creatures that destroy everything. 


Seb Lemma

Winter is muddy.

It sounds like the squelching in old gumboots.

It tastes like vegetables and times with family all poured into hot soup.

It smells like crisp air, cold noses and vicks on my chest.

It looks like frost, ice, and mud everywhere.

Winter feels like cold and mud, puddles and play, warmth and soup to end the day.


Ethan Hodgkisson

Summer is warm. 

It sounds like people splashing in the pool and cicadas singing in the trees.

It tastes like sweet raspberry pie.

It smells like flowers and pollen in the breeze.

It looks like a barbeque with friends and family next to the pool.

Summer feels like you're in a blazing oven of happiness.


Hamish Gaffy

Joy is gold.

It sounds like the singing of carols on a brisk winter night.

It tastes like homecoming dinner with family and friends.

It smells like maple syrup cake warm on the plate. 

It looks like people completing their lifelong dreams and the joy written across their faces.

Joy feels like getting out of lockdown.