Principal's Report

Dear Families,


I hope families found creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday. It was certainly a very quiet one for us!



It is hard to believe but school holidays commence next Friday, the 17th at 2pm. Please note if your child is in Onsite Supervision, they will need to be collected at 2pm.  Hopefully, students will return to school on Monday 4th October. 



Thank you for your continued support of your children with Remote & Flexible Learning and the encouragement you give to your them to do their best. We realise as the term progresses this becomes more challenging. Families have been incredible with supporting the school in keeping the momentum of learning going, and staff have been focused on strategies to keep the students motivated. 

Thanks to Jo Jeffers for sharing her children’s learning with us. 





Last week NAPLAN results were released. Unfortunately, the hard copies of student’s results have not arrived yet. As soon as we receive them, we will forward them on to families. Considering the challenging times, we have had over the past 12 months we were expecting the worst however we were pleasantly surprised. Consequently, we are extremely proud of our students. Grade 3s median was above the State in all areas except for Spelling. 









Grade 5 students median was above the State in all areas except for Reading.



Over the coming weeks we will be unpacking the data sets to inform our future teaching and learning. From our preliminary discussions we have identified the positive impact of our PLC processes on Writing and Grammar and Punctuation as well as the our Intervention Program in 2020 and the Tutor Learning Initiative in 2021.





With one week to go we have organised a virtual magic show for the children to enjoy. This is via Zoom; you will find the Zoom link below and the materials students require for the workshop after the show. It is recommended you arrive (By clicking on the Zoom link) 10 minutes before the show starts to ensure your connection is strong. This gives you a chance to test your microphone and your speaker system.



• Keep your camera ON for the whole show. We want to see everyone!

• Practice muting and unmuting your mic; it’s always good to learn the basic controls.

•Ensure your camera is stationary; we suggest a flat surface, so that you can sit      comfortably.

• You can have as many people as you like watching the show with you; just make sure all  can be seen!

•To follow along with the workshop at the end please bring: cotton buds, tape and scissors.





Foundation -Grade 2       9.30am-10.15am   

Meeting ID: 878 3005 8843

Passcode: magic



Grade 3-4                         10.30am – 11.15am

Meeting ID: 830 7776 6718

Passcode: magic



Grade 5-6                            11.30am -12.15pm

Meeting ID: 884 5976 7311

Passcode: magic





If you require onsite supervision next week, please complete the form and return to school by 5pm Friday. Thank you to those families who continue to do this it makes organising the roster so much easier.


Attached to the newsletter is the request for supervision form. 




Have a great weekend.

Regards Heather