From the Secondary Campus

Digital Thumbprint Incursion

On Thursday, 29th October the Year 7-10 students participating in a online incursion on digital safety. Facilitated by Optus and backed by ‘The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner’, the Digital Thumbprint sessions instructed the students how to be safe, responsible and positive online through four free, curriculum-aligned workshops. The sessions included Cyber Security, Cyberbullying, Digital Discernment and Digital Identity, with the students able to interact with the presenter via Zoom.


Photo credit: Mr Evan Varty

Extracting DNA

As part of the Year 10 science unit on genetics students have been learning about DNA and its structure. In their first science lesson back on campus, students had an opportunity to extract DNA from multiple different types of fruit and compare them. 


Our amazing Lab technician Sean also assisted on the day. It was a fun way to start back at school. 


Ms Belinda Jacob

Year 10 Science Teacher

Years 8-10 Students Return to Campus

Welcome back to our Year 8, 9 and 10 students. It is great to have a full campus once again.


Photo Credit: Mr Evan Varty

Incoming Year 7 Families 2021

Reminder: Purchase your Child’s Device

Before the new academic year commences, it is important to purchase your child’s device using the Learning with Technologies BYOD portal. 


This is a convenient way for you to select from a range of pre-approved device types and have it shipped directly to you. You may choose to purchase the device outright or utilise finance options. 


We recommend placing your order by the end of Week 5, Term 4 in readiness for the new academic year.


You can also access this purchasing portal from the homepage of the website, as shown below:


Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal - Secondary