Multicultural Night 

2019 Koonung Multicultural Night

The 2019 Koonung multicultural night, held last week, provided an opportunity for Koonung students to celebrate multiculturalism. The event was organised by our international student team with an aim to promote cross-cultural understanding among the Koonung community.

With more than 100 people in attendance, the Senior Centre was filled with many parents, homestay parents, students both International and local, past and present and staff. For many of them, multicultural night was the first school event they ever attended in Australia. All the attendees enjoyed performances delivered by Koonung students while indulging in sensational foods brought by parents and host families.

Special performance guest Jon Wanner delivered a wonderful instrumental music show and encouraged more students to get involved into music programs.

Koonung Secondary College Principal Marianne Lee recognised multiculturalism at Koonung Secondary College and staff representative Conor Sheehan also contributed his understanding of a culturally inclusive environment.

We are also pleased to have several past students joining the event. 2013 Victoria Sports Achievement Award recipient Lingya Zhang shared her pathway to a registered nurse from an international student and reminded all current students to seize the day. As a parent of international student, Ms Liu also delivered a heartening speech regarding integration into the community and the importance of letting go as a parent to allow your child “to bloom into a flower in their own way” without parental pressure.

This is the second year of this event and we believe more students and parents will join us next year.




Tracey Song, Sen Li, Joyce Bao 

International Student Team