Safety Tips

Traffic Safety Tips

As the new year begins, we are thrilled to see our families walking and biking to school.   We also understand that many families need to use vehicles to bring children to school.  Northlea is fortunate to be located in a very vibrant area.  This is a bustling neighbourhood.  The associated traffic also contributes to some concerns about safety.  We ask the following to help keep our students and neighbours safe:


1.  Please follow all Toronto parking and traffic regulations (ie.  as related to STOP signs, driveways, etc.)

2.  Please consider the "Walk-A-Block" campaign.  If everyone who drives opts to park a block away from the school, that will disperse the congestion and create a safer walking environment for our families.  An added bonus is the experience of walking to school.  

3.  Please drive slowly and be on the look-out for children.

4.  When walking or biking with your children, use those experiences to capture teachable moments so they know the safety rules.

5.  Please use our Kiss n' Ride program once it is up and running if you have to come directly to the school.

6.  Remind older students that they need to use their eyes and ears to travel safely. Texting and loud music in headphones are distractions that can impede safety.

7.  Please share the following Traffic Safety Tips with your children:  

Street Proofing Tips

Attached our some safety tips for students in the elementary and intermediate years.  We ask that you please review them with your children.