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Year 2/3/4

The very exciting bus ride! 

Arriving at the M.C.G! 

Touring the M.C.G! 

Meeting Dean Pullar! 

Touring the Sports Museum! 

Game On! 

Year 5/6 Camp Rumbug!

Well it's great to be back at school but the memories of camp 2022 will live on in the memories of those who attended. Here's just a snapshot of students' thoughts about Camp Rumbug.... 


My favourite activities at Camp Rumbug were the Giant Swing, Archery and the Low Ropes. It was a fun experience  to play down ball and to do activities in the night, like campfire and the orienteering Around the World.        Zane


My favourite thing on camp was the giant swing because you have to go very high in the air and you have to pull the string and when you let go of it, you swing as hard as you can! My other favourite activity was the flying fox because you can lots of  fun!

I loved the excursion at Camp Rumbug.                            Michael


Camp was such a fun experience because it was the first time I've ever slept with my friends in a cabin and we got to do so many fun activity's like the Giant swing and the Flying fox.        Jaxon


My favourite activity at camp was Aeroball. It's such an exciting game.  You keep bouncing on a trampoline for 5 minutes and have to score as many goals in that time. It's exciting because it's very hard to score goals into the little holes. I also liked how you can jump as high as you can.        Enock

That's a RAP!

Some of you may remember that last year it was the school's intention to create its own Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), detailing the curriculum ideas, activities and events that take place each year at school to increase our awareness and understanding of First Nations peoples. Parents were invited to join a Working Group with the following volunteering to be part of the process ~ Chris Kazsubski, Vera Azzarone, Jo Holo and Makyala Dobinson. We would still like a few more parents to be part of this exciting initiative. We would love any new parents or guardians to the school who may be interested in joining this group or have any questions to see me, Marty Fitzpatrick, any time at school. Below is a bit of information about the RAP's. Thanks.

RAP news
RAP news