Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart School Community


This week I have been reminded of what a privilege it is to be on the staff at Sacred Heart School. The culture of support for our school and overt care and concern is uniquely Sacred Heart. I have lost count of the number of emails, phone calls and direct conversations in which parents and guardians have wished our school community, our sick teachers and students and their parents all the best and have offered their help.


As I write this letter we have four students who have tested positive in the past week. Two students in Year Five/Six and a student in each of Year Three/Four and Year One. I have been contacted by our guitar and keyboard teacher Davide this morning, to say that he has just tested positive. As documented, we have a number of staff who have tested positive. I am also being made aware, of an increasing number of mums and dads who have tested positive this week.


At this stage it is too early to say what our staffing arrangements are for next week. Hopefully if our staff are feeling better, are out of their seven days isolation things will get back to some normality as the week progresses.


We would keenly support any parents who would like their child to wear a face mask during this period in which our school community is battling the virus. We have boxes of facemasks so let me know if you would like face masks for your child next week 



Whilst we sought and were given permission to postpone the Naplan testing until next week due to the spread of Covid in our school, our Year Three and Year Five students sat the writing component today as this test was not allowed to be postponed. More information about next week's Naplan is found in Jess' Deputy Principal part of this week's newsletter.



Congratulations to Maverick on his Baptism a couple of weeks ago. In the great pictures below of this special day for the family, you can see Maverick with his proud brother Brenton, mum Krisna and Dad Arthur.



Mother's Day Stall


We hope that all our mums had a great day last Sunday. A big thank you to our parents who helped organise and run the mother's day stall last Friday. The parents had some very choosy customers who understandably only wanted the best for their mums.


After School Care

The exciting news is that we have found a great candidate to work for YLV and run our before and after school care program. Stay tuned for more information about our new coordinator hopefully in next week's newsletter. 


Parents and Friends

We have a quick P and F meeting scheduled for tomorrow in the staffroom at 9.00am to look at the feasibility of our planned election day fundraising activities. As always all parents and guardians are warmly welcomed.


Yours Sincerely

Mark Tierney