Principal's Report 

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to the second last week of Term 1. How fast has it flown? I can’t believe it is school holidays at the end of next week already! As we have Easter in the middle weekend, I will take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Easter and a safe and relaxing school holidays.




Ms Dearing’s Baby: On the 3rd March, Miss Dearing and her family welcomed the safe arrival of baby Vienna. They are now both at home and doing well. Miss Dearing would like to thank everyone for their best wishes and kind messages. 

School Council: Last Monday we held our first meeting of the new School Council. We spent some time finalising our Vision and Values and will continue this work next week. I hope to have a Vision statement to share with the community early next week, via our social media, so that all in our community understand the direction we are taking over the next four years.


Photographing, Filming and Recording: During the school year there are many occasions and events where staff may photograph, film or record students participating in school activities and events. We do this for many reasons including to celebrate student participation and achievement, showcase particular learning programs, document a student’s experiences, communicate with our parents and school community in newsletters and on classroom apps such as Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Your child will receive a note about how these things are collected, used and disclosed by the school. This note needs to be returned to school IF YOU DO NOT wish for your child’s image to be published. If you do not understand any aspect of this notice, or you would like to talk about any concerns you have, please contact our school on 9743 5818 or


Fundraising: We have a small band of parents who are interested in raising funds for our school, to buy things that the children can benefit from, such as outside seating, outdoor toys to make play time more fun could be some of the ideas. If you are interested in finding out how you can be involved, no matter how big or small, please contact the office and ask to speak to Tolley on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We will hold an informal get together on Wednesday 6th April at 2.15pm to plan out the activities for term 2. I have included the Fundraising Policy in this newsletter for your information.


50th Anniversary Celebration: This year our school turns 50 years old. We would like to celebrate in a wonderful way and are looking for people who are interested in helping make this event amazing! If you are interested in being part of this planning committee, please call the office on 9743 5818 and leave your name. I will be in contact early in term 2 to set up a brainstorming meeting to get the planning started. 


Smile Squad (Dentist): Our school has the opportunity to have all children’s teeth checked by a dentist early Term 2. Notes and a Smile Squad pack was sent home with all children yesterday (or today for some classes). The Smile Squad Van will be on-site from the first day of term 2 and will see children throughout the day. If you would like to access this free service please complete the form your child has brought home and return to school before the holidays.


Sausage Sizzle/Canteen Closed: Next Tuesday 5th April a small group of parents have volunteered to run a Sausage Sizzle. This is a fundraiser we have been running for many years and is always very popular. Please be aware that Jan the Canteen Manager has decided to close the canteen on this day so NO CANTEEN Orders will be available. If you child has not already put in a sausage sizzle order they will need to bring a cut lunch on Tuesday, as well as a snack, as the canteen will not be open at recess.


Complaints Policy: Melton West Primary School’s Complaints Policy has been included in this newsletter for your information. It provides an outline of the complaints process at our school so that parents and members of the community are informed of how they can raise complaints or concerns about issues arising at our school. It also ensure that all complaints regarding the school are managed in a timely, effective, fair and respectful manner.


High Levels of Learning for All

Michelle Costa