Grade 1/2

What have we been up to this week?

Reader's and Writer's workshop

In Reader's workshop we are continuing our focus on retelling stories, remembering that a story has a beginning, a middle and an end, as well as the importance of retelling the events in order. Students have been very creative with their story responses and in response to the story "A house of her own", designed their very own treehouses. A recurring theme with the treehouses was no parents allowed, and some of the designs even included lava pools, cannon balls and waterslides. We were all so impressed with the imaginative designs! If you would like to watch the story at home it is available on Storybox Library via the ACPS subscription.

In Writer's Workshop, we have continued practising including the 5W's in our recount writing: Who, When, Where, What and Why and the Year 1s were so thrilled to perform the 5w's song at last Friday's assembly in front of parents and friends. They were so proud of their performance and worked really hard in their rehearsals leading up to the big performance.


In Maths we have started our unit on Time by creating our own calendars to count down to the special events that are happening in April. Students are most excited to be crossing off the days until the Easter Bunny arrives! Throughout this unit students will learn to describe duration using months, weeks, days and hours.


Thanks to Ms Thornton, the students have enjoyed basketball, hockey and soccer clinics in addition to their usual P.E. classes over the last few weeks. Below are some action packed shots from the soccer clinic. Thank- you Ms Thornton, - we had a ball!

Easter Fun!

The grade 1s and 2s are getting very excited about Easter. Here are some of the special Easter activities that we have been enjoying this week.

Our Children's Garden progress

Thank you to the parent "Green Army" and students for getting the garden ready for our Term 2 Gardening program!  This week students helped with moving mulch, watering plants and picking up some 'fly away' lunchbox rubbish. Thank you to the volunteers who are helping over the holidays to prepare the garden and care for the chickens.