Performing Arts


This semester we have been working hard to prepare for the staging of our college production ‘Grease’. Rehearsing two times a week since February, we are well on the way to staging a very successful show.

Featuring all the classics such as ‘Greased Lightning’ and ‘You’re the one that I want’ – students are strapping on their dancing shoes in an effort to transport the audience back to 1959.

Imogen Schoemaker (12) and Zac Lumley (10) join forces to portray the characters of Sandy and Danny. With over 40 students on stage and a team of students forming the backstage crew – this year is set to be even bigger than previous years.

The BIG WEEKEND was a strenuous weekend of more than 15 hours of music workshops (led by Musical Director – Kat Mizzi), choreography (led by Director – Linda McGloin) and costumes (Susan Bergman). A big thank you to the parents who helped and to those who supported their own on stage for a sneak peak.

‘Grease’ will be on stage on Wednesday the 7th of August and Thursday the 8th of August. Tickets will be available soon online for $12.

We hope you are all able to make it to support the students and staff involved.





From the Production Team – Kat Mizzi, Susan Bergman and Linda McGloin