SRC News

This years Teach the Teacher Program focused on student advocacy. On Wednesday the 29th of May, the SRC team and teach the teacher volunteers held a presentation to college staff on what advocacy means to students. Students then found strategies in which they can work with teachers to help tackle some of these school-wide concerns. A total of twenty eight students and fifteen teachers attended the presentation evening. To conclude, teachers were given a school action plan and current policies to help diminish this problem.


On Thursday 23th May, twenty eight of the SRC and college students attended the World Vision Youth Conference at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. This conference aims to empower youth to step up and challenge the status quo as well as encourage individuals to become tomorrow's leaders for justice and equality. It’s a platform for all state schools to unite and build awareness about global issues. Students took part in a variety of different activities including; Speaker sessions, collaborative exercises and interactive workshops to gain valuable knowledge and skills to become global leaders of change.


In week six of term two, The SRC and college class captains resurrected The Toastie Club initiative to assist in feeding students without adequate food. Each Lunchtime one hundred toasted sandwiches were provided to the students. The college was lucky enough to receive sponsorship from EatUp and have our launch into leadership students put them together each week. SRC are excited to continue with this program throughout the course of the year, recommencing at the start of term three. A special thank you to all of the teachers, students and sponsors who have contributed to the continuation of toastie club 2019.



Kyalla Sibley Year 11 VCE SRC LEADER