Senior School News

Year 10 News

A lucky group of Year 10s got to spend 3 days at Iluka Retreat on the Mornington Peninsula, where they took every opportunity to challenge themselves and try something new! The atmosphere was electric, with lots of smiles and encouragement to step out of comfort zones. With activities like snorkelling, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on offer, it was an action-packed three days that saw students create new memories with their peers. The Iluka staff were especially impressed with everyone’s enthusiasm, teamwork and positive energy!  



Another important event to note is our upcoming Year 10 exams for English, Maths and Science subjects. Over the 2-day exam period, students are only expected to attend their exams, as Year 10 classes will not be running. 


Looking forward to a strong finish to a challenging year – well done, everyone!


Karen Eap

Year 10 Coordinator


Year 11 News

I can remember writing to students and parents at the end of Victoria’s 2020 extended lockdown, acknowledging the effort and hard work that was done to support Year 11 students. I did not think I would be writing the same message in 2021, however I just want to take the time to thank students and families for all that was done over the past few months to support the current Year 11 cohort through a really challenging period. I know it was not easy. There has not been much of an opportunity to ease back into full time schooling. Students have been extremely busy finalising assessments in subjects, organising their subjects for 2022, and preparing for the upcoming end of year exams. There are also 25 Year 11 students who are currently sitting Unit 3&4 exams. I wish those students all the best for their results. 


As mentioned above, the Year 11 end of year exams begin at the end of week 7. These exams are another great opportunity for students to experience the structure and working conditions of exam style assessment, in preparation for Year 12 next year. While there is only a short period of time between completing the Year 11 course and the exams, students should aim to prepare for the exams as best they can. Finishing the year achieving the best exam results possible will be a highlight to cap off a very difficult year. 


Finally, after the Year 11 exams, students will complete one week of Year 12 Transition. It is really important that students attend this week, as it allows teachers to begin the Unit 3 content in subjects, assign holiday homework, and outline expectations for 2022. Doing the work that is expected before the start of Term 1 next year is extremely important in giving students the best start possible for their Year 12 studies. 


As always, please contact me if you have any queries or concerns regarding students in Year 11. 


Daniel Mulligan

Year 11 Coordinator