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B-Grade Debating Semi-Final

Translating our regular lives onto an online format has been undoubtedly tough at times, though in many ways we have managed to accomplish something which at least resembles the norm. With debating, DAV (Debaters Association Victoria) has continued with debates over Microsoft Teams. Aside from the occasional technical mishap or the difficulties that come with organising secret topic debates with our team members all in different locations, these debates have been a great way to stay connected with the debating community and revive our passions for public speaking during these challenging times. Perhaps what has made it the most fun is that this year one of Nossal’s B-grade Year 11 teams has made it impressively far! Following some regional debates and a couple of disheartening forfeits from other teams (who were likely intimidated by us I’m sure), we had the incredible opportunity to compete in the playoffs against Haileybury and then the finals against Melbourne Grammar – in both of which we were successful and took home the win. I think I speak on behalf of all debaters when I say that having this chance to resume with something we love has been wonderful and inspiring, and it makes me truly happy to see us continue to achieve greatness in spite of any challenges life can throw us. 


Nadia Hadzikadic

Year 11


Pictured: Our successful Year 11 team.