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VALID 8 Science Test

On Tuesday, 27 October, Year 8 students will complete the online VALID 8 Science test. Questions will be multiple-choice, short response and extended response that are grouped around real-world issues, including scientific investigations and allows students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding at both local and global levels.


This is a diagnostic test, with tasks framed on Stage 4 outcomes and essential content in the NSW Science Years K–10 Syllabus. Students will be tested on their:

• knowledge and understanding of science

• understanding skills in the process of scientific investigation

• ability to evaluate evidence, make judgements and think critically

Students will also complete a survey about their opinions, attitudes and values about science.


In preparation, students can complete sample tests to familiarise themselves on the different types of questions that will be asked. The username and password are the same: ‘testing’.


On the day, students will need to bring their own headphones or earbuds.