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Weekly Awards System 

Our K - 6 awards systems aim to recognise those things which students do well whether by their own standards or by the standards of the school. It is as much to do with growth and improvement as with achievement of pre-established standards. The weekly awards (that pre-covid were given at our whole school assembly) acknowledge a variety of behaviours at school. 


Mary Mackillop Award

This award is designed to reflect the Christian values of our school and of Mary Mackillop. Students who receive this award have seen someone in need and have done something to help. 

Worker of the Week 

This award is designed to acknowledge personal effort. 

Learner of the Week

This award is designed to recognise academic excellence or improvement in a particular area.



Term 3 Week 10 Mary Mackillop Award

Frankie Goodhew, Sarah Crittenden, Atticus Wright, Benjamin Cahill, Eliza Amos, Amber Walker, Zach Hobday, Justin Nelson, Hunter Crouch, Charlotte Johnstone, Tom Vickery, Amber Muller, Akeena-Rose Eade



Term 4 Week 1 Mary Mackillop Award

Sarah Crittenden, Molly Jackman, Lauri Strong, Thomas Phillips, Cameron Smith, Arthur Poole, Archie Jackman, Shaolin Smith, Harriet Poole, Lucy Kelly, Adele Bekker, Jack Farrell

Olivia Donaldson


Term 4 Week 2 Mary Mackillop Award

Congratulations to the following students : 

Tom Makim, Joe Picone, Chenoa Smith, Alexander Hart, Estelle Hartin, Regan Moodie, Ben Hart, Niklas McGregor, Matilda Kilner, Alice McCormick, Stella Karam, Demi Green, Lucinda Devney