Acting Principal's Report

What did we do on the curriculum day?

We began our 3 year partnership with Real Schools.  Executive Director Simon Dewar presented ‘Building a Restorative Community’ to all staff members here at LPS.  It was a terrific day reflecting on the relationships we build across the school community.  Simon discussed how the media helps to facilitate poor relationships between schools and parents and parents and school.  I have worked at LPS for over 5 years now and believe that overall, parents work very well with our school and our teachers work very well alongside our parents. When we work together we get the best outcomes for children at LPS – plain and simple!


Do we always get it right?  No.  But our intentions of ensuring students are learning what they need to learn in a safe environment is always the same. 


Parents will have an opportunity to work with Simon in 2020 and I would encourage everyone to come along to listen to his message. At the end of the day it’s the students that benefit! 



If you’re going…..

Thank you so much to the families who have let us know they won’t be at Langwarrin Primary School in 2020. This has been very helpful in determining our numbers and staffing requirements for next year. If you have not contacted the school please do immediately. 


In addition to this, please update any details with the office such as change of address, phone number or emergency contacts.


Remember the Earn and Learn stickers?

Woolworths visited us today as they wanted to have a look at the furniture we were able to purchase with earn and learn stickers we all collected.  Well done to everyone for sending in thousands of stickers.  We were able to buy new tables, wobble chairs, big comfy cushions and resources for our new THIRVE Room.  Students have already started utilising the new space!



I had a walk around this week to look at students’ uniforms.  Overall I was very impressed with the grades I visited. Our uniform looks terrific especially when everyone is wearing it (and it is mainly red and black).


Remember that black, red or white shoes are required as part of our uniform.  Again, when everyone wears it, it looks fantastic (especially if presenting at assembly or receiving an award!).  When looking for 2020 school shoes please remember our uniform requirements.


Please Help!

The Twilight Fair is drastically short of volunteers!  Obviously to raise money for the school oval we need volunteers to assist.  Please contact your child’s teacher to let them know when you can help (even if it’s only for an hour). 


Don’t forget!

Whole school assembly – Above and Beyond certificates is this Monday 11th November – see you there.


Have a great week,

Mark Moorhouse

Acting Principal