Welcome to the 2021 School Year!


Our canteen will remain cashless and our COVID safe policy of no volunteers remains in place until further advised. 


*Please ensure that online orders are placed BEFORE 9.00am so as not to miss the cut-off point.


*As Fridays are our busiest day please try and place your order on Thursday evening. This helps ensure the QKR system does not overload on Friday morning which can hinder the ability to place orders.


*If you forget to place your order on QKR please ring the Canteen as soon as you can and we will do our best to accommodate you. A reimbursement note will be sent home with your child to instruct you of the amount to pay. Payments can be made using the 'Canteen Payment of Accounts' option in QKR.


We understand that errors can be made when placing orders and lunches can sometimes inadvertently be ordered for an incorrect day without a parent realising. In these cases if your child does not have lunch as they thought they were due a lunch order the canteen will do their best to fulfill the order and send a reimbursement notice home with your child. These must be paid though QKR using the "Payment of Accounts" options. The original order will be given to the child on the actual day it was booked for unless you contact the Canteen by 9.00am that day to cancel it. Payment of the original order does not negate the need to pay a reimbursement note UNLESS the Canteen is notified to cancel the order that was made in error. 


We have been experiencing a high number of children presenting to school without having had breakfast and also children who are expecting lunch orders but their order has been made for a different day. Is it important that your child/ren are set up for the day with a good breakfast. While we understand that errors can be made when placing orders we would be grateful if parents could check over orders when inputting them. 


A reminder that if your child is absent and the canteen isn't notified by 9.00am, all hot food, cold wraps and sandwiches will have to be forfeited. Only cold drinks, packaged goods and icypoles can be saved and will be given to children on their return to school.