St Nicholas School 

is a

  Community Of Readers  (COR)

Reading for learning

Reading for living 

Reading for enjoyment




Happy holidays everyone. I hope you all have time to share some great reading times with your family. Sometimes it has to be planned into our busy lives but it is so worth it. I look forward to munching on some yummy chocolate and reading a few recommendations from friends. A favourite author of mine at the moment is John Grisham. I look forward to hearing all those wonderful "reading" stories from your children when we get back. 


Please take a few photos of your child reading on holidays - perhaps in a favourite spot at home or at a holiday destination. Share them with me or print them off and have your child bring them in on their library day for discussion. 


Please make sure that wherever our wonderful St Nicholas School library books travel to over the holidays that they end up back in the library bag ready for the first lesson back. 


  • National Simultaneous Storytime - May - "Give Me Some Space" by Phillip Bunting
  • Book Week / Book Fair - Term 3 - "Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds"

WORLDBOOK ONLINE - Please use this in the holidays, it's free.

St Nicholas School Library subscribes to this wonderful resource. 

This resource is available for use at home FREE of charge. An information note has been sent home this week with the eldest in the family  - please ask your child about this. 



Down load the free app to access this online reading resource provided for us by the Catholic Schools Office through our Oliver library program. The app will ask you for your school - simply keep typing in ACEN which is the group we are connected to and you will eventually get in and be in able to access thousands of books for yourself and children. 

NSW Premier's Reading Challenge - It's on again.




Teach Resilience and Responsibility

Remind your child what day their library visit occurs then give them the responsibility of bringing the library bag to school on that day. If they miss that day explain to them, as I do, that they may bring it the following day.

 We will always find time for a student to borrow.


Thankyou for assisting your child in presenting with a library bag to begin the year.

Students in Yr 5 and 6 may purchase a bag from the library for $1.


Library Bags are a requirement on the Start of Year - Equipment List from Kinder to Yr 6.




Not just some of the time but all of the time.



No food or drink on my books

Food and drink is for the chooks

Library bags keep ‘em clean 

Books are cool don’t treat ‘em mean.

Bring your bag everytime 

Fill it up and get in line.

Have it scanned and scoot on out


We all shout