Yesterday Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 hosted their annual Easter Hat Parade. Thank you to the parents and friends that were able to attend. It was lovely to see the children proudly displaying their hats that they had made with their buddies. 



Tamworth Buslines have brought it to our attention that a number of parents have been dropping students off and also leaving cars unattended in the bus zone of a morning. Consequently the buses are having to double park and wait. We would be grateful if parents could ensure that the bus zone is kept clear.


With winter approaching, it is time to consider the conversion from summer to winter uniform.  We expect that the days will be still warm enough for the students to wear summer uniform on the commencement of Term 2, however it is expected that all students will be wearing the full winter uniform by Monday, 3 May 2021.  


Over the Easter Holidays Compass will get a new look.  The following will change for all users:

• A new login page

• A new header across all modules

• A new look homepage


Please note that none of these changes will impact the functionality that you have within Compass. They are updates to the design to make your use of Compass easier.


For an optimum view of Compass when using the app, utilise the 'open in browser' option. When you open the Compass app, 3 bars appear in the top left-hand corner. Click on the bars and choose 'open in browser' from the drop-down list and you will then be able to view your dashboard as you would on a computer device.


If you would like to receive instant app push notifications from the school you have to have notifications for Compass School Manager turned on in your settings on your smartphone. 


Please do not hesitate to contact the office staff if you have any questions.  


REAL Talk has been a huge success over the last three years and the team is back again this year! Parents of students in Years 4 and 6 are strongly encouraged to attend the Parent Information Night on Thursday 29th April from 6:00 - 7:30pm. 


The REAL Talk team will facilitate workshops with our Year 4 and Year 6 students on Friday 30th April so it is important that parents are aware of what will be discussed with their child. The Parent Information Night is not limited to parents of students in Years 4 and 6 but is open to all parents. 


REAL Talk is an organisation that is about getting REAL on the topics of relationships and personal identity. Based on Catholic Christian values, Real Talk provides up-to-date resources, presentations and programs that help young people to understand God’s amazing plan for love and life.  


Presentation topics include; self-worth and appreciating diversity, making good choices based on respect and love of self and neighbour, the impact of the media (including social media) on how we see ourselves and how we act, the importance of our bodies, the value and meaning of sexual body language, the beauty of healthy relationships and friendships. 



Applications for Kindergarten 2022 close today Thursday 1st April 2021. Please contact the school office for an enrolment pack or access an electronic form from the Compass Parent Portal.  Enrolment forms will not be processed until all supporting documents are received: Birth Certificate, Immunisation Certificate, Baptismal Certificate (only required if your child is a baptised Catholic) and proof of student’s residential address. 


Wow, there is most certainly artistic talent here at St. Nic’s! Thank you to those students who entered the 2021 Art Competition. With over 250 entries, we saw some amazing artworks, utilising different styles, techniques and materials. 


If you missed out on seeing the incredible artwork on display during our Green Day activities, check out the video below. We are pleased to announce that $521 was raised by the Art Competition for Caritas. 


A big thank you and congratulations to the organisers led by Miss Sophie Dewhurst and Mrs Amy Henry and to our wonderful artists.



All of our winners are noted in the attachment below.




As part of our implementation of the 'Living Well, Learning Well' Framework at St Nicholas Primary School, we will be taking some time to focus on each rule for a week or two. Our second rule that we will be continuing to focus on next week will be "I am valued, respected and cared for"


This means that "Manners Matter - not just sometimes, but all of the time." If you could please take some time to talk with your child about what it looks like to be valued, respected and cared for,  and how they can show this to other students, both at school and when representing the school, that would be greatly appreciated. 


Take a look at some of our Captains in the video below showing how we can value, respect and care for others. 






Please note that enrolment packages are accessible from the Compass Parent Portal.


The closing date for enrolment applications has been extended until Tuesday 20 April 2021.


These awards are received for acts of citizenship and service to others, attributes which are highly regarded at St Nicholas. 


As Saint Mary Mackillop once said “Never see a need without doing something about it!” 

So we congratulate the following students for the various ways they sought to help others.


Audrey Bird, Oliver Riley, Ella Langford, Mason Fenn, Mason Hill, Ella Kelly, Charlotte Tongue and Jack Baiocchi.


Fee letters were sent home a few weeks ago. If you are making a direct bank transfer please do not narrate the payment as 'School Fees' but reference your surname and account number (as noted on your statement) to enable us to correctly record payments received against the appropriate account. For example, SMITH 1234.


Thank you to everyone that has paid to date.


Please contact Mrs Robyn Burke on 6766 1500 or email if you have any queries or wish to discuss your account. 


Please notify the school if your child is absent.  This can be done using the 'Add Attendance Note' function in the Compass Parent Portal. Due to government legislation, notification of your child's absence must be received no later than 7 days after your child's last day of absence.   If you know your child/ren will be away on future dates, for example if you are going to be away on a family holiday, absences can be input in advance of the holiday.


Please note that if you are collecting your child early from school for an appointment you must sign the child out using the Compass kiosk in the office. Please do not use the Parent Portal to try and record that your child will be leaving early as this inadvertently  marks them as them as being absent all day


Our office is open between 8.00am and 4.00pm each day.  For any queries, the most efficient way of contacting our staff during this time is via email.







For further details on how to nominate please see the attached form below.