TERM 1 - WEEK 10

To the St Nicholas School Community

TERM 1 - WEEK 10

Welcome to Week 10 Term 1, 2021.


Holy Week

There is no bigger time in the Church's calendar than Holy Week. Last weekend we commemorated Palm Sunday, today we observe Holy Thursday (the washing of the feet and the last supper). Tomorrow is a sombre occasion as we recognise Jesus' death on the cross, before he rises from the dead as we celebrate Easter Sunday.


Chocolate eggs are a wonderful tradition and bring great joy to every household. However, as we relax with our families over this four day weekend please take time to remember why we have such treats and an extended weekend of public holidays.  


Today at school Mrs Dunst and some of our Year 6 student leaders led a moving and prayerful Stations of the Cross. It was a beautiful way to conclude the term and another opportunity for our children to learn the real meaning of Easter. 




Easter Hat Parade

If cute factor is anything to go by, yesterday's Easter Hat Parade was an outstanding success. The event brought enormous joy to the children and entire school community. Thank you to our parents who were able to join us, it means the world to your children.


An enormous thank you and congratulations to our older students (buddies) who helped the infants with the creation of their hats. The infants children idolize their buddies. The example set by our older students as role models reminds me how lucky we are at St Nicholas School.




Garden Club

The recent rains and inflow to Chaffey Dam has brought relief to the Tamworth District. Vegetation on our school site has received a well overdue drink and rebounded as only nature can. Thanks to the heavens opening, our school oval and surrounding gardens have never looked better.


Our newly acquired access to water has delighted no one more than St Nicholas Schools' green thumb,  Mrs O'Mullane. Mrs O and her team have presented to me exciting plans for the Garden Club, including the installation of a new Bush Tucker Garden. I look forward to sharing these plans with you in the coming weeks.


In the meantime enjoy a small makeover of two spaces in recent days:


Art Show 

As promised in last week's newsletter, please find below a short highlights video from our recent art show. Congratulations to the organisers led by Miss Sophie Dewhurst and Mrs Amy Henry and to our wonderful artists.



This week St Nicholas School received the news that ANZAC Day events will go ahead in Tamworth, albeit in a revised format due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


The Tamworth Dawn Service will be able to accommodate 1,000 attendees. 
RSL NSW is also promoting the Light Up the Dawn initiative: 
“Based on the tremendous community response to this initiative, we will again help Australians to come together in 2021, in their driveways, on their balconies, or in their living rooms at 6am to commemorate Australia’s deeply held ANZAC traditions. The RSL will produce a shortened personal service and participation kits for use across our community – please check closer to the day for your kit should you wish to participate”.
There will be no March this year because, as the Sub-Branch does not have the resources required to monitor large crowds.
School participation in ANZAC Day events this year will be representative. There is no change however to the Dawn Service at which schools in the Tamworth region will be represented by Captain and Vice Captains from one High School. This year Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School has accepted an invitation to lay a wreath in commemoration of our veterans on behalf of all Tamworth schools.
At the Veterans Memorial Walk Tamworth High Schools will be represented by Peel High School Captains and Vice Captains who will act as flag bearers. They will then lay a wreath on behalf of all Tamworth High Schools at the Main Commemoration Service in the Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall. Westdale Public School Captains and Vice Captains will act as assistant flag bearers in the Veterans Memorial Walk and will lay a wreath on behalf of all Tamworth Primary Schools at the Main Commemoration Service in the Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall. 
The Main Commemorative Service in the Tamworth War Memorial Town Hall will be limited by the 2sq metre COVID-19 safety rule to just under 500 attendees which unfortunately allows for only a representation of Tamworth schools.  It is hoped that all schools will be able to participate in the ANZAC Day Main Commemorative Service via a live streaming of the event. 

St Nicholas students and school community will honor service men and women for the amazing sacrifice they have made, and continue to make upon returning to school in Term 2.


Name for our student centred Courtyard


Once again I call on the St Nicholas School Community to help in the naming of this space. Please, put on your creative hats and come up with a great name for our space. All ideas, please forward to


Finally, I wish each and everyone of you a happy, holy and safe Easter.


John Clery