Sheronica, Janae, Peggy and Jodie (Firbank Grammar)




It’s been a great start to the year for all our MITS alumni students after an unusual 2020. 95% of our MITS alumni are now back engaging in their education in Melbourne or Darwin, with their host families or school boarding houses - congratulations! Everyone is ready for face to face learning after many months of online learning at the Darwin MITS hub.  Here are some snaps of our awesome alumni back in sunny Melbourne.

Sammi Rioli

Pathways Coordinator



Wellington Street 


Wellington Street household is back in full swing, we are four weeks in our school term. It has been a remarkable start to the year for our girls, who are now Year 10 students at Siena College and Kingswood College. Returning to Melbourne has gotten easier for them as they now see Wellington Street as their home away from home, a place that has become their common ground. 



These incredibly resilient young girls have matured beyond their years and embracing the opportunities that are available to them in Melbourne. Last year Wellington Street remained operational throughout all the hurdles of lockdowns and double stints at Howard Springs quarantine facility. We believe and what we are witnessing this year is that 2020 has been a huge personal growth experience for all these girls. 


Their first day of school in previous years have been filled with anxiety and hesitation when stepping out of the family Tarago onto their school grounds. This year their morning school drive was filled with excitement and laughter as they happily welcome life as a Year 10 student. 


The lessons learnt over the last two years will place them well to overcome any challenges that come their way. 



Many thanks, 






Alumni Boarding House


What an amazing start to 2021 in the Alumni Boarding House. We are very lucky to have a full house this year and 5 Partner Schools in total. Well done to all of the ABH students for making a great start to their school year and settling into their new schools. 



Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed a variety of activities from shopping trips into the city, painting, weaving, Melbourne Cable park – Aqua park, Couta Boat Club sailing, ArtVo and much more. They have been enjoying what Melbourne has to offer and making some solid friendships again. 



Congratulations to Kenita who produced a fantastic art display with the amazing support from Edwina. This was through the Let’s Take Over 2021 through the Northcote Town Hall Centre. 


Rhiannan Parker

ABH Manager