Year 7

February reflections


The first day in Darwin, I thought it would be hard to make new friends. Then I saw Alison and we sat next to each other on the bus when we were going to Flip Out and we were both talking about our sisters Moni and Debbie.



My first day at school was kind of hard because I was too shy to talk to anyone but Alison, but then I met Rosie and Clara and then we all became friends. Now we all talk at Lockington and every single day at school.


My  first week at MITS was fun because we thought that we were going to meet all the footy players on the first day. We didn’t which made all of us kind of sad, but it was fun because for most of us it was our first or second time in Melbourne. 


It is so fun to be in Melbourne and school in the Richmond Football Club and we all will have a chance to meet all of the footy players one day.


In our third week we have all started talking to each other and getting to know each other, I was still a bit shy to talk to everyone but then I wasn’t shy because we are all one big family. I have learned that in a family no one is shy to talk up, make new friends and we are sisters and brothers.


MITS  is a great place to be at because it feels like home, but it is cold!



Week 4 will be the best because we are going on camp with big swings and swimming. We will all have a lot of fun because there will be fun and games and we will get to know each other very well. 


It is a bit hard to be away from my home out in the bush.


BYE from 

Luriese Lee Ulamari




On the first day in Melbourne I was feeling a little bit nervous until I saw my new friends which is everyone at Lockington. I have gotten to know them really well and we are all best friends, I consider them as family. 


Everyone treats me well and I treat them well. We all work well together and I feel comfortable and not homesick yet but, if I was homesick my friends would help me. 



It is different because there is lots of traffic and I don't know everyone in Melbourne but in Jabiru I know everyone there. I am looking forward to go to a big shopping centre as I have never lived in a city before.


Luke McLean




What I have liked about MITS so far is how many things we can do no matter what circumstances, such as, when we were in lockdown for five days. Emily (Lockington Boarding Manager) tried to make sure we were having fun, we were active and we weren't bored. 


The teachers have let us all have fun during work or go to the beach because it was hot. Miss Bella has made art fun, Mr Jake and Serena for teaching us an important subject but still somehow making it fun. 



I would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way. Something that was a challenge for me was joining in or going in front of the whole class to present.


Tenielle Maguire