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John Minjin, Year 12 at St. Kevin's College (MITS alumni 2016)


Three words to describe me now:

Confident, happy person now.


Three words to describe me in 2016:


Shy, small and quiet.


Best memory from MITS in 2016:

Watching my MITS class mates (Anthony and Trevor) play in the footy grand final for the Richmond Junior Football Club.



Advice to younger MITS students:

  • Always listen to your teachers
  • Always do your homework
  • Make new friends
  • Be brave and confident when meeting new people

Highlight of time in Melbourne:


My highlights in Melbourne have been trips to the beach with my friends, exploring and enjoying the city with friends.  I have also enjoyed playing club footy and school footy for St Kevin’s.  

I have also enjoyed all the MITS activities in Yr 7 and also as an alumni student.


Biggest challenge:

My biggest challenges have been leaving home and being far away from home, coming to a new city and meeting new people.

School has been challenging too, but you’ve got to get stuck into the work and try your hardest.

Winter has also been challenging because I’m not used to it and it’s cold in Melbourne.



Greatest achievement:

I’m most proud of getting to Year 12 and challenging myself to do the work.  It can be difficult but it is worthwhile putting in the effort.


Anyone to thank and why:

I would like to thank all the MITS staff for looking after me.

Thanks also to Rick and Liz Tudor for giving me the opportunity to come down to Melbourne and start at MITS. I would like to thank my family for letting me come down to Melbourne.



Finally I would like to thank my host family for welcoming me into their home. They have been supportive and have helped me over the last five years, and they have given me great advice.