Hello! Γεια σας ! Здравствуйте ! こんにちは !


This is a reminder that the Education Perfect Languages Championships started on Thursday 14 May at 4pm.


I am so impressed and amazed by the large number of emails that I have received from eager students in regards to the championships.


Let me summarise what everyone wants to know which is...HOW TO WIN the championships:


Earning points in the EP Languages Championships:


1. Complete any language's content to earn points (note: any content that you have created yourself will not count for points);

2. Remember, in a vocabulary list, you have to get a word correct twice in a row to get the point;

3. You can go back the next day to earn new points on a word;

4. Revise content you’ve learned from earlier in the year;

5. Try out lists that you haven’t learned before;

6. Give a new language that you haven’t learned before a try!;

7. Keep in mind you can’t spend more than eight hours in one day competing.


In this message, you'll also find two pictures illustrating how to participate in the championships. Read the instructions very carefully.



Remember: The top students and top staff members will receive a prize, to be collected when face-to-face learning resumes.


Good luck and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.


Cedric Chamontin

French Teacher