In March this year, students in the two 10ICT classes participated in the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge now run by the CSIRO Digital Careers Australia.


This challenge is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and is designed to engage students in collaborative, creative, and critical thinking.


The Year 10 students entered at the 9+10 level as individuals and had 45 minutes online to attempt fifteen questions ranging in difficulty across three different levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.


Two students achieved a Distinction in this challenge:

Linh Nguyen and

Luca Villella


In addition, eight students achieved a Merit Certificate:

Jordan Berger

Jordan Galgut

Eidan Rozenberg

Andre Sa Pires Nyborg

Eyal Sheffi

Reef Snell 

Jhonatan Steinberg and

Sai Waller


Thus, over 30% of the students who entered achieved an award.


The Bebras Challenge runs again in Term 3 and I hope that even more students may join in.


Past questions and solutions are freely available over the Internet at Bebras 365 for the five different paired year levels.


Ms Hatch

ICT Learning Area Manager



The Year 9 Coding class is just coming to the end of their work using Thunkable. Thunkable is a fantastic program which the students use to create mobile phone apps. Thunkable is free and runs on Chromebooks. Apps can be created for Android or iOS using a block language similar to Scratch.


The class have been doing a practice assessment task, where they had to create an app to help a younger child practice their Times Tables, and Mr Munro has received some wonderful programs while the students have been in lockdown. Here is just one example, from Eran Rosinger (Year 9).




Mr Munro

ICT Teacher