Distance learning doesn’t stop a Bus Man production line! This week the four classes of Year 12 BM students were consolidating their knowledge of the Operations Management strategies by simulating a production line at home with their family members!


The students reflected afterwards about how to increase their productivity, manage materials, waste minimisation and quality control. Many brothers and sisters were too keen on eating the produce before production had even started! During these challenging times, it’s great to see families getting together and doing something special, that just happens to be educational!


Here are just a few of the students and their families!


Yours in business,


Mrs Jobson and Mrs Lucarelli

Business Management Teachers




“Even though we’re all excited to get back to normal life, being able to do the funny faces activity with family was a super fun experience and added a bit of fun to our night, as well as some valuable Busman application! Ms Jobson and Ms Lucarelli have been putting in copious amounts of effort in keeping every Busman student up to speed with relevant content knowledge, as well as making sure we’re all sane and happy. So far, this online journey has been a pleasant one and I’m excited to see what the teachers have planned for us next:”. 

Aleksandra Petrovksa (Year 12)


“These past weeks have been weird to say the least but despite the changes in our learning, Ms Jobson and Ms Lucarelli have put in extensive effort into providing the best materials, resources and fun activities for the Business Management studies to learn. The recent funny faces challenge was a fantastic activity that was super fun to do with the family. The ability to put our schooling into real life activities enhances the busman experiences immensely. This journey with the Business teachers so far has been incredible, their ability to teach content through a screen makes this hard time that much easier. I am excited to see what the busman students have in store for the coming weeks”.

Kya Kahan-Taylor (Year 12)


“I've been grateful for the opportunities afforded to us in Business Management. Having the ability to still do practical activities such as funny faces during online learning has really helped consolidate the content. Overall I am really enjoying learning about operations management and am looking forward to the challenges ahead!” Morgan Rafferty (Year 12)


"Business Management’s use of technology has played a major role in making online learning from home so successful for me and this part of the course especially has really made me think about the endless possibilities that technology can be implemented into business and our lives. I am thankful for the opportunity to do practical activities at home and it has be great to share knowledge with my family in regards to the content"

Oliver Lopez ( Year 12)


“Many students were skeptical of the effectiveness of remote learning when Victoria announced the formal closure of schools, including plenty of those studying Business Management. However Term 2 has been a success, with teachers and students doing a fantastic job acclimating to learning from home. Video calls have begun to feel normal and class-like, whilst the use of Google Classroom has allowed Miss Lucarelli and Miss Jobson to keep a consistent workflow for the students. A recent assignment in operations management saw Business students making decorative sweets, giving us a hands on experience of the inputs, outputs and processes that go into the production of our favourite goods and services. Although this is challenging, the teachers have urged us to make the best of our situation and continue our education by any means necessary”. Wesley McKinnon (Year 12)


“The Year 12 Business Management Team has taken on board remote learning exceptionally! The teachers have provided the students with videos going through the notes, replicating the learning which would happen in the classroom. The teachers have also set up assignments for students to undertake each lesson, providing students with feedback on writing styles and knowledge of content. Ms Jobson and Ms Lucarelli have made all students feel supported in their studies and have ensured that the level of learning that would take place in the classroom is upheld during these times. We thank you both immensely for all the hard work you have put into ensuring that the students are able to maintain the level of excellence that the Business Management program is known for”.

Jessica Salisbury (Year 12)