Over the past weeks we have faced many challenges, many different ways of socially interacting, working and playing.


Many have shared their stories of catching up with mates and or family on a regular basis via skype or google meet. Many have shared a quiz night with family and/or friends who live in another state or overseas. 


The jigsaw puzzle, the board games and the knitting has reappeared in the family room.


We are walking or riding our bikes with family, cooking meals together and communicating more than we have done so previously. 


These are quality experiences that we should not lose once our lives return to some semblance of normal.


When we think about our health, we are talking about all aspects: social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.


Take from this the things that you value, be prepared to acknowledge what makes you happy and feel content. If it is a weekly board game, even for an hour, with the family then let it continue.


The negatives of the COVID 19 experience will eventually go away…... but let us remember, the positives that we can build into our lives and embrace and celebrate them.


Keep healthy and be happy everyone.


Susan Wilken

Learning Manager of Health