Last year in November, we celebrated the efforts and hard work of our Arts students at the annual Arts Show. 


Congratulations to Neda Lay, a very talented Year 11 student who filmed and edited this film clip Arts Show dvd from our Arts show last year.




The Arts Show was opened by Terry Matassoni, an Internationally renowned Australian artist who grew up in Swan Hill and was encouraged by his high school English teacher to pursue a career as an artist. 


So it was very appropriate to ask him to select some artworks from the Arts Show, that he deemed worthy of a Merit award. 


Congratulations to the following students who were chosen by Terry to receive a Merit Award. They will receive their certificates when we return to school.

  1. Jasper Boag (Year 7) Art
  2. Kate Nguyen (Year 7) Art
  3. Chloe Apps (Year 7) Art
  4. Diane Dixon (Year 7) Art
  5. Esha Sujit (Year 7) Art
  6. Anh Duong (Year 7) Art
  7. Dylan Bower (Year 8) Ceramics
  8. Matthew Kwong (Year 8) Ceramics
  9. Sky Zhang (Year 8) Art
  10. Prarthana Agarwal (Year 8) Art
  11. Julia Khorouji (Year 8) 
  12. Visual Communication
  13. Keya Desai (Year 8) Visual Communication
  14. Marco Guo (Year 9) Art
  15. Louisa D’Ambra (Year 9) Art
  16. Ebony Lo Casto (Year 9) Art
  17. Michelle Guo (Year 9) Art
  18. Bhargavi Chetan (Year 9) Ceramics
  19. Jacob Whiting (Year 10) Ceramics
  20. Kailah Hollingworth (Year 10) Ceramics
  21. Freya Cross (Year 10) Sculpture
  22. Cody Scrivener (Year 10) Art
  23. Aanya Chopra (Year 10) Art
  24. Yulia Mocheev (Year 10) Art
  25. Peta Segbedzi (Year 10) Art
  26. Ilya Parakhin (Year 10)
  27. Lina Nguyen (Year 11) Studio Arts
  28. Li Ying Yang (Year 11) Studio Arts
  29. Natalie Skobtchenko (Year 11)
  30. Jasmin Macdonald (Year 12) Studio Arts
  31. Tully Harrari (Year 12) Studio Arts

Ms Kuriata

ARTS Domain Manager


  1. Studio Arts
  2. Visual Communication


Teaching and learning drama in isolation is a very different thing than being able to be in a normal classroom.


One of the ways we have kept our drama classes going is to make small videos at home and submitting them to be assessed online.


Here are two videos made in response to: "Tell a story using only your hands. Props, soundtrack, dialogue and subtitles allowed."


Videos by Eliza Hackett-Smith and Billie Trivett 



Lisa Glanville

Drama Teacher


On Tuesday 5 May, the Year 9 Dance class participated in an online Hip Hop workshop. The workshop was run by The Space Dance and Arts Centre in Prahran, with instructor Brad Griffith.


The workshop was originally planned as an excursion to the Space’s studio, but due to COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions, it was turned into an online class. During the workshop, we learnt some basic hip hop moves and party dances such as the Bart Simpson and the Smurf. We also learnt a brief history of the dance style. The class being online took a bit of getting used to but it was as fun as I’m sure it would have been in the studio. For most of the people in the class it was all about trying something new and just having fun with it.


A big thank you to the Space for organising this workshop and our teacher Ms Angell for helping organise and joining in with us. 


Heidi Robertson-Reid

Year 9 Student