Our Chromebook program plays a vital role in delivering an effective and engaging curriculum. With everyone using a standard platform, we can ensure all students have access to specific online tools and updates, as well as effective IT support. These factors have been especially crucial this term as we’ve transitioned to remote learning.


If your child is experiencing any IT issues they need to email If a more detailed conversation is required, our IT team can call them back when possible.  We have also installed an extension called ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ into everyone's browser which will allow students to connect to IT support with remote screen sharing should this be needed. Students can also check selfserve for all things tech-related. There are lots of video and guides to help you access and manage our IT platforms effectively. 


As outlined in the previous newsletter, we will continue with Semester 1 exams for students in Years 9, 10 and 11. These play an important part in our learning program; however, as it is not possible to have large numbers of students together to complete exams in the Hall (as usually occurs), the exams will be undertaken remotely. 


Teachers have already started finalising the relevant resources, with exams being shorter and modified where necessary to accommodate an online learning environment. This situation further reinforces the need for all students to have a school-approved Chromebook - this will ensure they can access the necessary platforms and online tools. The exam timetable will be released to students shortly; the exam period dates are already on the College calendar. 


This year Correction Day will take place on Tuesday 16 June.  No classes will be conducted on this day.