There is still a lot of performance happening in the music world - but at the moment, it is happening in your homes.


All students from Years 7 - 12, are preparing for their end of semester performances. In many cases, the students will be performing with the instruments that they own or have hired. There are many students, though, that will be using virtual instruments (guitar or keyboard or even are trying their hand at creating instruments to perform. Some students have even decided to sing their favourite song via karaoke for this task. Whatever way students have decided to perform, we know that they are preparing not only their skills as a performer, but also thinking about the actual recording. You may be asked to be a live audience for the students, so they get instantaneous reactions. All teachers are looking forward to seeing and hearing their students in action.


VCE students are undertaking their Technical Work SACs at the moment - and performing them via Google Meets. These students have worked hard to make the connections between their technical work requirements and their performance pieces. We are all incredibly proud of the work that they have been undertaking in these circumstances.


A number of instrumental teachers have noted that students seem to be struggling a little with their posture as they don’t have their own music stand. Ozwinds is offering 30% off the KM100 stands for McKinnon students. The price will be $48.00. These stands are pretty straightforward and they come in different colours.


The student/parent needs to go to Ozwinds, ring the bell, say they are from McKinnon Secondary College and ask for the music stand special.


We are incredibly proud of the class of 2019 Music Performance student Orr Zaacks who was invited to perform at the Top Acts showcase - where the highest standard of work across a number of both visual and performing arts - are combined to create the show. Unfortunately, this year’s show has had to be cancelled due to the current pandemic, but it is an incredible achievement for any student to have been asked to be part of this show.  In the words of artistic director Chris Lewis:


“When casting for the show there a numerous factors that the team and I take into consideration: dynamism, balance of moods and intensities, performance arc, and technique to name a few. However, I feel it’s the ability to transport the audience to another realm, world, or state of being that is integral to the role of an artist. It was clearly your ability as performers, composers and filmmakers to take us to that place. Whether through narrative or abstract form, your work spoke volumes to the selection team.”


Both Year 9 and 10 elective music students have been composing music online using the soundtrap platform.  


Year 10 students were given the brief to develop five minute tracks that would allow the listener to breathe more deeply and draw them into a mindful state. It was felt that the development of these style of tracks would allow both the creating student, and those they were targeting, the chance to relax and focus on the good that they are surrounded by. 


The first track is of recorded guitar parts and balanced with natural sounds to create this relaxing track. 



The second recording has been developed by Alyssa Nikolakopoulos, with the idea of generating an ambient sounding track with a lot of space for breath to occur. Each fortnight, we will encourage you to listen to a few other works.



The Year 9 students are currently working on Tom and Jerry Soundtracks and we look forward to seeing and hearing their work.


Megan Papworth

Head of Music