This year we are running the carnival through Strava, giving you the opportunity to download the application and log your runs over Wednesday 13 May - Sunday 17 May. The distances that we would love to see people run or even walk are below. You can run at any time, there are no restrictions as to when you can run over the five days. We ask you to be safe and check roads before crossing.



Years 7-9 Male and Female - 3km Run/Walk

Years 10-12 Female - 3km Run/Walk

Years 10-12 Male - 5km Run/Walk

We would love to see as many of you as possible getting out over the five days and recording a run or walk with your family even over the weekend. There will be spot prizes throughout the carnival, including best dressed, furthest run, most runs and the list goes on. If you have any photos for best dressed etc., please send them to (

We would encourage heading down to your local park or oval to complete the run, Duncan Mackinnon Reserve is 1.2km around the outside track.


  1. Download Strava onto your phone (or borrow a family member’s if you don’t have a phone);
  2. Join your house club on the app by searching for McKinnon Cross Country - (Monash, Flynn, Gilmore, Chisholm etc);
  3. On the bottom of the app, there is a record button, select that and make sure there is a little shoe emoji above the start button; 
  4. Hit start and go off on your run;
  5. Make sure when you are finished you hit stop and finish;
  6. Name your run as MCK Cross Country and save activity. 

This can also be done using smart watches and syncing them to Strava. Please follow the link provided for Set up support if needed. 


House points will be awarded to everyone that competes, with the overall house winner to be announced in Week 7. 


Make sure that you get involved and get your house to be the first Strava Cross Country Carnival Champions!


Good Luck, get those shoelaces tight and head off for McKinnon’s Cross Country like never before. 



Liam Adlington

PE/Sport Assistant


During the first four weeks of remote learning, students have been participating in virtual dance sessions to help keep them active whilst at home.


The sessions are being run by instructors from the Nikki Visaj Dance Movement and range from Hip Hop tutorials, Bollywood and African Dancing to a variety of mindfulness and dance fit sessions. Students have really engaged in these sessions with them being viewed over 388 times!



Here is Diana Pashko from Year 8 who enjoyed the hip hop tutorial.


Jennifer Pemberton

Head of Physical Education