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Student Accomplishment

Congratulations to Rhys Buck who has made the Victorian team to compete at a National level in Cross Country. Rhys will be heading to Queensland to compete after finishing 17th at the State titles.

This is a great success from a Warrnambool College student and we wish Rhys all the best.


On the 25th July, Year 12 student Susan Malikoff represented our college in the State Final of the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority) Plain English Speaking Award at Treasury Theatre in Melbourne.. (PESA) Susan was one of 6 finalists and placed third in the competition. The adjudicators told her she was a whisker away from runner up and they found it very difficult to separate her with the similarly worthy runner up. Students were required to give an 8 minute speech as well as wow the audience with an impromptu speech. Susan’s speech ‘The Global Garment Industry’ was both thought provoking and uplifting. Her speech, along with the other five speeches, will be available on the VCAA PESA website in 2019 for senior students to view. The impromptu speech title was ‘Words can change the World.’ Susan had 4 minutes to prepare and then present a 3 minute speech on this topic.   Susan’s performance in both categories was outstanding. Congratulations Susan!


Mutual Respect

As part of the Mutual respect ALT initiative our team is launching 20 days of students catching other students displaying Mutual respect to staff and students at Warrnambool College. This launch will start the day after our PD day, the 7th of August

Uniform Shop Vouchers

If any families still hold vouchers made out to Dobson's uniform shop can you please contact the main office to arrange new vouchers.