War on Waste

Dear all Warrnambool College families,

Did you know that our College has to pay for rubbish collection?

This equals thousands of $$$$ every term that we could be spending on cool equipment and resources for students. 

Many of our students are already conscious of reducing waste and using our recycle ♻️ bins which is terrific!

I ask all our families and students to please try to reduce the food packaging that you bring to school. 

Use reusable containers 🙂

Put wrappers from snacks in bins at home then pop snack in your lunch box. 

Reuse those plastic clip seal bags if you use them. 

Beeswax wraps are an awesome alternative to plastics. 

Nude Food is the go!!

Plastic waste is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. But, it is a problem where we can all be part of the solution by taking daily, small actions to minimise our plastic waste. 

Did you know...

  • 429,000 plastic supermarket bags are dumped into landfill every hour 😧
  • 2.7 million disposable coffee cups are dumped in the bin each day😩
  • Over 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of by Aussies each year, amounting to 1000 tonnes of landfill


What can you do?

REDUCE the packaging you bring to school. 

 Use our recycle ♻️ bins at school for your cans and milk cartons. 

Say NO to straws. 

  • Change your plastic toothbrush over to bamboo
  • Start a compost for food scraps rather than throwing them in the bin
  • Grab a reusable coffee cup and water bottle pronto #BYOWaterBottle
  • Ditch the plastic bags. Get a dozen reusable bags and keep them by the front door or in the boot of the car, that way you can't forget them! #BanTheBag
  • Make sure you're recycling properly by following the three golden rules; clean, dry and empty.
  • Take all your SOFT PLASTIC packaging to the RedCycle bins at Coles or Woolworths supermarkets. It all gets recycled and made into cool outdoor products likes seats and fences 🙂

Let’s come together to fight the War on Waste 

- Christine Norton