Wellbeing Team


Anita completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology straight out of Year 12 and worked in Catholic Schools in Melbourne. After realising that families were very complex and speech or language intervention wasn’t always their first priority (when they were coping with family break up, financial stresses or grief), she went back to uni and completed a Bachelor of Social Work. After moving to Warrnambool and having her first child, Anita began working in primary and secondary schools as a social worker and has done that ever since. Anita recently completed re-entry study over three years to be able to work as a speech pathologist again.

Anita has been working as a Student Counsellor at the College one day a week for the past two-and-a-half years. She is now also working one day a week as a Speech Pathologist.

When Anita is not working, she is busy looking after her three kids and keeping them happily fed. Gardening and getting out into nature is one of the things that makes Anita feel most happy.



Jayce has been a member of the Wellbeing team now for 7 years with his passion assisting teens around resilience, bullying, strength base approach, CBT, ACT, music therapy, values work and positive wellbeing. 

He has a Diploma of Community Welfare and is almost finished a Bachelor of Nursing.  He strives at empowering teens to take control of their future!