Subject Expo

The Subject Expo will run in the WARRNAMBOOL COLLEGE HALL from 6.00pm until 8.45pm. The Expo enables students to talk to teachers from every Learning Area, at each year level, about the subjects offered in the 2019 Prospectus. This will assist students in making good decisions about subject choices. Whilst the Expo is running, there will be transition information presentations taking place. Parents and students are encouraged to make time to attend the relevant presentation, as well as visit the Expo. The timetable for the presentations is below. Please use this to plan your evening.



6.00pm-6.30pm: Year 8-9 student/parent/guardian presentation (AUDITORIUM) 

                                  Year 8-10 SEAL student/parent/guardian presentation (PHOENIX P2)


6.35pm-7.05pm: Year 10-11 student/parent/guardian presentation (AUDITORIUM)

                                   Year 10 – 11 SEAL student/parent/guardian presentation (PHOENIX P2)


7.10pm-7.40pm: Year 9 – 10 student/parent/guardian presentation (AUDITORIUM)


7.45pm-8.15pm: Year 11 – 12 student/parent/guardian presentation (AUDITORIUM)