House Report


An exciting start to the term has created a lively and energetic Orange corridor lately. So much has been happening with Semester class changes, and Merri elite adjusting to new teachers and some exciting elective subjects. It has been great to witness the discussion in the corridor of the enthusiasm shown regarding new classes.

We must begin by celebrating the achievements of Susan Malikoff, who performed sensationally at the VCAA plain English speaking state finals. This was an incredible effort by Susan, whose countless hours of preparation and skill refinement rewarding her with a third placing. Great work Susan.

The School Musical premieres Thursday and Friday, the word is rehearsals have been going well, with all cast members starting to reach peak levels recently. Merri has a strong contingent of performers and stage crew, and we look forward to experiencing “Strictly Ballroom the Musical” at The Lighthouse Theatre.

The year 11’s have been showing signs of both nerves and excitement with the upcoming Debutante Ball, Merri 11’s are said to be some of the better dancers, and we wish them all the best with their continuing preparations for some difficult, but enjoyable dances.

The Merri student leaders, in consultation with all Tutes, have implemented an “Inter Tute Wonderful Wednesday” approach in tutorials. The name is still up for debate, so if you have a better option, be sure to let the student leaders know. The idea is in response to student feedback data that they would appreciate an increased variety of activities and a touch of competition. Below is the schedule.

Keep up the good work Merri elite, what a great start to the term it has been.



There are some wonderful achievements going on around the school and no better way to start off the newsletter with some recognition to those who are working hard and exhibiting the college values of Persistence, Resilience and Mutual Respect.



Merits prizes were handed out left, right and centre in the last Flagstaff assembly. If you missed out please catch up with Mr Struth.

The top ten Merit manufacturers for the house include the following:​

Alexander Welch 59

Charlie Brown 56

Georgina Cox 54

Adam Crowe-Owen 49

Elif Meric 47

Claire McKinnon 47

Cooper Elliott 45

Thalia Jenkins 45

Seth Wallace 43

Grace Towers 43

 Sinead O’Keefe 43


New House Assistant

We welcome Tom White to the Flagstaff team who will be stepping into the role of assistant. Tom takes over from Katie Crute who unfortunately leaves us to travel overseas. Katie will be missed however we look forward to bringing in Tom and having a new fresh face around the flagstaff office.


Big Life 20 Days of Gratitude

There has been a big push from Tutors for people in the Flagstaff community to start to take notice of the little things they are grateful for on a day to day basis. The challenge is to take note of these things over the next 20 days. This could be something as simple as someone holding a door open for you. A great challenge to get involved in and notice the little positives that arise in our everyday live.


Naming Student Items:

Books, Clothes, Pens and various other items are often misplaced around the school on a regular basis. By the end of the year the number of items in lost property is crazy. Family money is spent re-buying essential items for students. A simple name on the student property means that items can be returned and save the hip pocket of parents. On that note please also make sure that lockers have locks, items are not safe to be stored in lockers without them as they can go missing.

Have a great weekend

Flagstaff Team