Secondary 7/8 Events and Programs


SEO and SMC joined together and conducted some amazing science experiments in the classroom as part of our Heating and Melting Integrated Unit. Students loved exploring and observing properties of heat. The first experiment was filling up a balloon with some water and holding it over a flame. Students had a lot of fun predicting the effect of heat on the water in the balloon and seeing if their predictions were correct. Some surprised faces and reactions echoed through the class.


Another favourite experiment students enjoyed was when they measured the temperature of materials and how this changed over time (working to identify heat loss or gain). They discussed whether the heat was transferred to or from the material. We all learned something new and took valuable information away to tell our friends and family.


SKH have ordered the materials needed to make the lip balm, hopefully the will be delivered so we can make and package the lip balm next week. Karen will buy the ingredients so we can make the rocky road during week 6. We hope to have lots of family and friends visit our classroom during the Heating & Melting Gala. We are very proud of the 4 different types of poems we have written; you would have read some in past newsletters. We will begin planning our narratives next. We are learning that a fraction is ‘an equal part of a whole’ by doing hands on learning with different resources.  


We have been working with clocks to tell the time and played counting games. In construction we made buildings out of plasticine and in performing arts we are learning to play instruments. Students are taking turns to write and present weekly assembly reports; tomorrows report will be written by Jake and Jake.


Kylie has been on holidays but SAS have been lucky enough to have Ali (CRT) in the room for most of the time. They got up to some fun activities over the week, such as:

  • Making Halloween crafts and jack lantern silhouettes. Sam did a great job of a drawing a zombie.
  • In literacy Jordan wrote a very funny alliteration poem: Jaunty Jordan Juggling Jars of Jam. Students have worked well to publish at least one final piece of writing.
  • Ali ran a kindness circle where the students took turns to say something nice about another person in their class. Luca is so good at expressing himself and saying nice things about other people.


SSO have had a very busy start to term 4.  Christmas concert practice has started and the students are very excited and have been trying their best to learn all the dance moves in time for the performance. Students have also been preparing for their end of term excursion to Funfields; they are very excited and we are wishing for the nice weather to continue so we can take full advantage of all the water rides. We have been focusing on their Integrated Unit of Heating and Melting and are preparing for our Heating and Melting Gala where we will be cooking Sausage Rolls and Coconut Chocolate Balls for our families and carers to try.


SCO have thoroughly enjoyed their new electives this term, Food Tech and PE. They have had experienced lots of new foods and always look forward to PE. The students have been learning about fractions in Numeracy and Poetry in Writing. The class are very excited about the Christmas performance, they have started practising and are already doing a fantastic job. We are also really looking forward to our end of year excursion to Funfields!


SSD have been working hard in their writing lessons and have produced some fantastic poetry this week. They chose their favourite word and transformed that into a character in their beautifully imaginative poems. SSD are going to be making Peppermint Bark for the Heating and Melting Gala and we have been busy planning how to make and present our product. Our end of year excursion will be to Healesville Sanctuary where SSD are hoping to catch the Spirits of the Sky show. In maths we have been learning about fractions and had a lesson dividing into halves, quarters, thirds and fifths.


Over the past two weeks, SFC have participated in fitness leisure activities at the YMCA in Macleod. One week the students did a ‘spin class’ for 50 minutes and the another group did a spin bike ride warm-up with a weight fitness circuit to follow. All students put in amazing efforts and can be proud of their achievements. With a focus on comprehension strategies in English, the students viewed class-based text from the experiences days and other texts about movement, muscles and being active. Students continue to write in their leisure journals after the experiences. In Maths, students have been working on addition. They have use money to support their learning. Students have had the opportunity to purchase their lunches while out on excursions.  They have added menu items together, counted change and are consolidating adding one more to a collection or counting on.