What is Web.Comp?


Web.Comp is a web design competition for school students. Grok will teach the students how to build a website as they go along. The good thing is that you don’t have to be an expert already!


Web.Comp has two components:


1.   Learn - is a four-week series of challenges where students learn as they go along. Each week, Grok will release interactive notes with the information students will need to complete the week's web design challenges. Students earn points for completing problems and claim a place on the leaderboard. Participants will receive certificates for their results in this competition.

  • The “Learn” competition starts Monday 9 May.

2.   Tournament - is a week-long competition where students can design their own web pages and submit their creations to compete against other students' designs. They can also vote for their favourites. 

  • The “Tournament” begins on Monday 6 June.

If you have a creative flair and would like to challenge yourself, this competition is for you. If you are interested and would like to participate, please email Ms Ho (hmn@mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au) ASAP.  


Note: Only students who have a genuine interest in this should apply!


Ms Ho

ICT Learning Area Manager