ART, NOT WAR - Term 2 Art Competition

The Art competition for Term 2 is up and running with plenty of time for you to get started on your entry. 


The competition’s theme, ‘Art, not War’, was chosen by our 2022 Art Captains in response to the tragic events unfolding overseas. To demonstrate solidarity for Ukraine, we encourage you to create your artworks using dominant colours of blue and yellow.

Throughout history, artists and creatives have used their platforms to highlight and provide commentary on world events. Picasso’s Anti-War artwork Guernica is a famous example of this. The painting Guernica was created in response to the 1937 bombing of Guernica in Northern Spain, and to this day acts as an example of the horrific impacts of war.  


Not all commentary needs to be traditional art. Ukrainian Illustrator, Kat Bielobrova, recently worked in collaboration with Airbnb to create a series of ZOOM backgrounds to demonstrate solidarity for Ukraine. The creation of these Zoom backgrounds provides others with the opportunity to show support and solidarity, through the simple act of changing their ZOOM background. 

We are so pleased to see that our students are acting as Global Citizens, and looking for ways to support those in need. 


To enter artwork or creative pieces for Term 2’s competition, please fill out this submission form:



Remember that you also have until the end of this week to vote for your Term 1 competition winners here



Peter Eglezos

Head of Visual Arts