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Social media has become such an integral part of a teenager’s life. However, many miss out on some critical social skills with most communicating whilst looking at a screen instead of another person! Statistics show that 60 percent of 10-11 year olds are using at least one social media site, with the majority using age-restricted platforms. What kids do, post and say online is permanent and most are not mature enough to manage their own digital footprint. Friendships, relationships and even future job prospects are all put at risk.


Parents need to be aware of what picture their children are painting of themselves online. Unfortunately, many parents do not see the dangers inherent of these sites, as they form opinions based on their own experience. But predators are usually not interested in grooming adults. 


Over the years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of younger students owning mobile phones, highlighting the importance of teaching kids about the dangers of social media and the implications it can have.


From the link below, parents will learn how to talk to their children about the inherent dangers of social media and how to educate their kids to be responsible users in the online world we live in. 


Here is the link to the Social Media & Digital Reputation edition of SchoolTV.



With the advent of the internet, smartphones and tablets, there is now a whole new digital dimension added to traditional schoolyard bullying. There was once a time when bullying victims were given some respite outside of school hours, but sadly these days, online bullying can occur 24/7. Cyberbullying can be identified as being the repeated behaviour by an aggressor with the intent to harm or embarrass. 


Technology enables these aggressors to share information widely and quickly, making this form of bullying extremely dangerous and harmful. In today’s world, teaching your child about online and cyber safety is as important as learning to swim or cross the road!


From the link below parents are provided with useful guidelines and advice on how to minimise the risks. Children have the right to feel safe, regardless of whether it is in the schoolyard or online.


Here is the link to access the Cyberbullyingedition of SchoolTV 



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